Big City Small World - "Cheer up"

Series One Episode Seven: Cheer Up  - Judging from the words in the Title “Cheer Up” and the words in the preparation area, you should have a pretty good idea of the what will happen in this episode.  What problems do Fadi and Sarah have?  We also learn of a new problem, this one is from Magda.

  1. Listening/Reading
    1. Prelistening:
      1. Review some vocabulary you’ll hear in the audio, click on the Preparation tab…
    2. First time listening to the audio
      1. Which characters have a problem?  Write down each name and their problem.…
      2. Listen to the audio again.  This time, use the transcript provided below.  Pay particular attention to Olivia.  Sarah calls her a ‘gossip’.  Do you agree?  Would you like to have Olivia as a friend?
      3. Listen to the audio a third time.  Try not to use the transcript.  You should understand each person’s problem in the episode, Sarah’s possible solution, and describe Olivia as a person.
    3. Comprehension
      1. Complete the quizzes by clicking on the tabs marked as task.  The second task is about prepositions, click here if you need help:
  2. Speaking
    1. Prepare for a conversation with your language partner by writing some questions.  Ask them if they have friends with similar problems such as finding a flat or a job.  Be prepared to describe each of the characters to your partner.  Ask your partner if their friends are similar or different.
    2. Meet with your language partner.  Try your best to only speak in English for 30 minutes.  Of course, be sure to then provide your partner with an equal amount of time to practice your native language as well.
  3. Writing
    1. Write a summary of your exchange with your partner on the Mixxer blog.  Describe your partner and yourself.  Ask your partner to comment on your post and ask if the information is correct and if you used any of your new vocabulary correctly.