Big City Small World - "Fadi to the rescue"

Series One Episode Five: Fadi to the Rescue  - Harry, Johnny, Olivia, Sarah and finally Fadi meet in the cafe.  Johnny’s company would like to talk with Harry, but not interview him for the job just yet.  Olivia thinks Harry won’t have time to build her website, and Sarah is having trouble finding a new apartment.

  1. Listening/Reading
    1. Prelistening:
      1. Click the preparation tab to learn some new vocabulary.
      2. Sarah uses a lot of adjectives when she describes the apartments she’s seen.  If you’re not familiar with how to describe people, places and things, review the use of adjectives here.
    2. First time listening to the audio
      1. It seems nobody is happy.  Why is Harry not excited about speaking with people from Johnny’s company?  Why is Sarah having trouble finding a flat?
      2. As you listen this time, write down the adjectives you hear.
      3. Listen to Harry a third time.  See if you can follow the dialogue without using the transcript.  Pause the audio and review the transcript if you have any difficulties.
    3. Comprehension
      1. Complete the questions for each task tab below the transcript.
      2. Task three is about "extreme" or superlative adjectives.  You can review them here:…
      3. Task four is about phrasal verbs.  Review them here:….
  2. Speaking
    1. Prepare for an exchange with your partner. Prepare questions about their job, friends, and home.  Think about the adjectives you would need to describe these parts of your life.
    2. Meet with your language partner.  Try your best to only speak in English for 30 minutes.  Of course, be sure to then provide your partner with an equal amount of time to practice our native language as well.
  3. Writing
    1. Write a summary of your exchange with your partner on the Mixxer blog.  Try to use as many adjectives as possible.