Big City Small World - "I'm an architect"

Series One Episode Eleven: I’m an Architect! - In this episode we hear from Magda and her new job and from Sarah and her new apartment.

  1. Listening/Reading
    1. Prelistening:
      1. Review some vocabulary you’ll hear in the audio, click on the Preparation tab
    2. First time listening to the audio
      1. There are two main parts to the dialogue.  Listen for each:
        1. Magda’s position
        2. Sarah and her new apartment
      2. Listen to the episode again.  This time, use the transcript provided below.  With the transcript, you should be able to summarize the episode.  Also, see if you can understand the difference between Magda’s position and an internship.
      3. Listen to the episode a third time.  Try not to use the transcript.  
    3. Comprehension
      1. Complete the quizzes by clicking on the tabs marked as task.
      2. Task four focuses on verbs.  Be sure to review verbs with ‘ing’ forms and the perfective aspect.
      3. Tasks five is about about prepositions.
        2. (more extensive information)
  2. Speaking
    1. Prepare for a conversation with your language partner.  Write questions using the perfective aspect and/or about internships and apprenticeships.  Ask your partner if they have ever had an internship or apprenticeship.  What kinds of professions have internships in your partner’s country?  Etc.
    2. Meet with your language partner.  Try your best to only speak in English for 30 minutes.  Of course, be sure to then provide your partner with an equal amount of time to practice your native language as well.
  3. Writing
    1. Write a summary of your exchange with your partner on the Mixxer blog.  Write about internships and apprenticeships or things that your partner has done (perfective aspect).