Big City Small World - "Kicked Out"

Series One Episode Three: Kicked Out  - Harry talks again with Olivia and Fadi about their job offers and tells them his fee.  At the very end, we learn that Sarah has been kicked out.

  1. Listening/Reading
    1. Prelistening:
      1. This dialogue has a lot of slang about money.
        1. quid = pounds
        2. a grand = one thousand pounds
      2. The US has slang for dollars as well.
        1. one buck = one dollar
      3. The title “kicked out” is called a verbal phrase.  If you’re unfamiliar with phrases like “grow up”, “even out”, or “get over” check out the grammar review here.
    2. First time listening to the audio
      1. Harry will speak with Olivia and Faid about the job.  Do they hire him?…
      2. Listen to the episode again.  Why don’t they hire Harry?  How much does he charge for each of them? Do you think they’ll hire him after they think about it?  What bad news does Sarah share?…
      3. Listen to Harry a third time.  Try not to use the transcript.  
    3. Comprehension
      1. Complete the tasks below the video:…
      2. Task three is about prepostions.  You can review them here:
  2. Speaking
    1. Prepare to have a conversation with your language partner.  Prepare questions about different kinds of jobs in their country.  How much do they earn per hour?  What education or training do they need?  What types of jobs are easy to find?  How do people find jobs?  What professions have difficulty finding a job?  Prepare at least 20 questions.
    2. Meet with your language partner.  Try your best to only speak in English for 30 minutes.  Of course, be sure to then provide your partner with an equal amount of time to practice our native language as well.
  3. Writing
    1. Write a summary of your exchange with your partner on the Mixxer blog. What kind of jobs pay well?  Which are more difficult?  How do people find jobs?