Lesson 5 Making an Appointment

Goal: The goal of this lesson is to use what you have learned about telling time to plan a time to meet with someone. You will learn how to ask someone to meet you, respond when someone asks you what time, etc. 

What you need to know: You must understand how to express the time, date, and day of the week. You must also use the information you learned previously about asking simple questions in Chinese. The lesson will review these concepts, but you must have a strong foundation and understanding to build on.

Explanation: Planning a time to meet with someone is critical to have interactions in Chinese; it is something we do in our daily schedules. Learning how to do this will allow you to interact and plan to meet with other Chinese speakers.


Wèi hello
which (interrogative)
Wèi polite measure word for people
什么 Shénme what
时候 Shíhou time
Kōng free time
一起 Yīqǐ together
吃饭 Chīfàn eat a meal
请问 Qǐngwèn May I ask (polite)
几点 Jǐ diǎn what time 
见面 Jiànmiàn meet
可以 Kěyǐ can 
饭店 Fàndiàn hotel 

Phrases from Vocabulary

吃饭            to eat a meal/food

请问            may I ask...

是哪位       who is this (interrogative)

什么时候    what time 

有空           to have free time

一起吃饭  to eat a meal together

几点           what time (interrogative)

在哪儿      where (interrogative) 在 means at a location 哪儿 means where (interrogative), and together they translate to at where (interrogative).       

北京饭店  the Beijing hotel 

Comprehension Exercise

Fill the blanks in the dialogue below and then translate it.

小云:      你_王朋!

王朋 :     喂,请问是那位?    

小云:      我_小云!

王朋:      小云! 你好吗?

小云 :     我很好,你呢?

王朋:      我也很好。

小云:      你明天晚上_空?

王朋 :     有,我们一起吃晚饭, 好不好?

小云:      好。 我们几点见面?在_儿?

王朋:      六点半,_我的家。

小云:      很好! 再见。

王朋:      再见。

Skyping with your Language Partner

Now you are ready to skype with your language partner. Before you skype, think of questions you may want to ask your language partner and write them down. Have a conversation with your partner using the content and grammar from this lesson. Have a conversation with your partner about meeting at a certain time and place. 

Writing Assessment

Now you should write a brief dialogue at the following link

Answers to the missing characters:

 Translation :

Xiao Yun : Hello Wang Peng.

Wang Peng : Hello, who is this?

Xiao Yun : It is Xiao Yun. 

Wang Peng : Xiao Yun, how are you?

Xiao Yun : I am very good, how are you?

Wang Peng : I am also very good.

Xiao Yun : Do you have free time tomorrow evening?

Wang Peng :  I do, we should go eat dinner together, how does that sound?

Xiao Yun : Great. When will I meet you? Where?

Wang Peng : 6:30 at my house. 

Xiao Yun : Very good. Goodbye.

Wang Peng : Goodbye.