Lesson 7 Describing Others

Goal: The goal of this lesson is to learn how words and phrases to describe someone or something.

What you should know: Before you start this lesson, you need to remember the words for family members and simple sentence structure. This lesson will review some of both, but it would be to your benefit to easily recall this information. 

Explanation: This lesson is designed to help you learn how to describe people using Chinese. The structure for questions and statements will be a continuation of prior lessons. You will learn new vocabulary words to describe people. This lesson will give you a conversation topic that will help you talk about people in your life.


老师 lǎoshī teacher
记者 jìzhě reporter
医生 yīshēng doctor
律师 lǜshī lawyer
厨师 chúshī chef 
聪明 cōngmíng smart, clever
漂亮 piàoliang beautiful
shuài handsome
gāo tall
Ǎi short
lǎo old
年轻 niánqīng young
觉得 juéde to think, to feel
zuò to make, to do
特别 tèbié extremely
特点 tèdiǎn characterstics

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Translate the following phrases from English to Chinese.

1. This dog is smart.

2. My older sister is beautiful. 

3. My father is a teacher.

4. My mother is tall.

1. 这个狗很聪明。

2. 我的姐姐很漂亮。

3. 我的爸爸是老师。

4. 我的妈妈很高。


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