Welcome to English Lessons. All of these lessons integrate activities for language exchanges into English lessons posted elsewhere including LearningEnglish from the British Council and Learning English from the Voice of America. The goal is to demonstrate how use language exchanges as part of a structured sequence that practice all four linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Once you've done several, you'll be able to use readings or videos from around the web to form the basis for future language practice as well.

Each of the videos from the British Council include links to grammar explanations. Your language partner may not be able to help you with explanations regarding grammatical structures. If you find structures you do not understand, try OWL from the University of Purdue.  If you can then give your partner a few examples from the OWL guide, they are more likely to better be able to explain when the structure is used and accurately correct your mistakes.

In addition to the grammar, I would also encourage you to make a note of new words as you learn them. Sites such as Quizlet will let you create flash cards so that you can quiz yourself later.

Note as well that at the end of each lesson there is a link allowing you to request a "confirmation" from your partner. This is entirely optional. If you do so, you will see a list of each lesson completed on your profile page. If you are using the Mixxer as part of a traditional class, your instructor can then track your progress.

"Big City Small World" : Level Beginner

Lesson 1: "Meet Harry"

Lesson 2: "Meet Magda"

Lesson 3: "Meet Johnny"

Lesson 4: "Meet Olivia"

Lesson 5: " Meet Sarah"

Lesson 6: "Meet Fadi"

Lesson 7: "Meeting friends"

Lesson 8: "Job offer"

Lesson 9: "Kicked out"

Lesson 10: "We have a mission"

Lesson 11: "Fadi to the rescue"

Lesson 12: "He's a pest"

Lesson 13: "Cheer up"

Lesson 14: "I'll be rich in three years"

Lesson 15: " Aaagghh - my injured leg"

Lesson 16: "You'll be a shoo-in"

Lesson 17: "I'm an architect"

Lesson 18: "Good news & bad news"

Lesson 19: "Fingers crossed"

Lesson 20: "Hello Carlos"

Lesson 21: "Harry's new girlfriend"

Lesson 22: "Save the café"

Lesson 23: "Good journalism"

Lesson 24: Welcome back Johnny"

Lesson 25: "Alone for Christmas?"

Lesson 26: "Happy New Year"

Lesson 27: "New Year's resolutions"

Lesson 28: "A Date"

Lesson 29: "Embarrassment"

Lesson 30: "Something in common"

The British Council has added new episodes.  You can continue to follow the episode and use the grammar and content to practice with your partner.


"American Mosaic": Level Intermediate

Lesson 1: "Grand Central Terminal Turns 100"

Lesson 2: "Cyrus Cylinder"

Lesson 3: "Tractor Pulling"

Lesson 4: "Brownie Hawkeye Camera"

Lesson 5: "Art of Glass"

Lesson 6: "The Occupy Movement"

Lesson 7: "National Cathedral Flower Mart"

Lesson 8: "Yuri Gagarin"

Lesson 9: "Jean Craighead George"

Lesson 10: "Jackie Robinson"

You can continue from here on your own using broadcasts from Voice of America and discussing them with your partner. The "American Mosaic", "Explorations", and "In the News" episodes come with text.