The mission for the day was #fintheanimals! We visited the Serengeti National Park, a vast expanse of savannah, a field without end, that's the translation of its name into the Swahili language, particularly suitable, as it is a vast plain of yellow grass and trees miles apart one from each other. Sergio took us through good part of the park in his huge 12-seat jeep, it was like he knew the refuge of every single animal.

At first we saw a lot of zebras and gnus burning and moving in groups together and we were immediately thrilled to see it. We didn't know yet that, during the day, we would have seen more and more rare animals. I was really curious about the Park because I didn't know what to expect. We made a magical visit to the park, those animals seemed to come out of the fairy tales, imposing and magnificent creatures showed us their beauty and perfection.

The animals we later saw wew gnus, zebras, hyenas, hyppos, gazelles, phacoceri and 4 of the big 5: lions (they were always asleep), elephants, giraffes and hyppos. The 5th animal left is the leopard - one of my favourite animals - which, however, is hardly noticeable, from the moment it hides on the branches of the trees. Of these animal species we saw not only rare individuals, but herds of hundreds of individuals, which made them even more fabulous. We actually saw the unimaginable, so that Roby correctly said I could also expect to see a dinosaur that I wouldn't be surprised!

In the afternoor Sergio took us in a vaste yellow field, with none at the horizon, and ordered us Now, close you eyes and mouths! And then, when we arrived where he wanted to bring us said Now you can claim!: a huge yellow field opened to our eyes, desolate and magnificent, a harmony of colors and shapes showed us the beauty of nature. In the middle of the yellow there was a single green speckle, it was an acacia in the middle of nowhere, without company but with its unique spectacularity. That's the mood we used during the whole day, our eyes were very careful and continued to be surprised. In particular, Gemma noticed everything, she had the camera and she could see before anyone else: brushwood that moved and hid lions and elephants and other animals in the distance. Sergio told us that the first person who saw a lion would bought a drink (it was her) and the first person who said the names of the elephants would bought dinner. In fact, not to mention the word elephant and consequently pay for dinner, she said animals with trunks! and we all burst out laughing.

At night we had dinner in an hostel and I started out laughing till tears because of a Joke by Massimo: Franco, who was talking about a friend of him, said and he married a japanese wife, at these words Massimo said what does it mean? That he stole an already married girl from a japanese guy? I started crying from laughing. I love these situations, and I love them most when I share them with people I've just met, is a great sharing of trust. I also began to admire Sergio, because I realized he could do everything in any field: building, cooking, farming, wood-working, he knows about politics, and that's nothing compared to what he really knows. He's very clever and intelligent. He also know English, Spanish and Swahili.

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