arguments for role playing game on vaccin

My role : parents scared of vaccination, my kid had a terrible allergic reaction


At the beginning, I thought too that vaccines would protect my child, that he would be invincible to diseases, as most parents of you would believe. But something terrible happened to my child. Vaccines have developed many allergic reactions that he didn’t have before.


You will understand how I feel when it happens to your children. You can not realize it until it has happened to you.


You may think that vaccines prevent diseases, but you are so fascinated by this scientific breakthrough that you do not even see all the chemicals that are injected into your body.


Moreover, my child had to be vaccinated against tetanus at birth, but he contracted the disease a few months later. So in addition to injecting toxic chemicals, it isn ‘t effective against disease.


I agree that there are some vaccines that can be beneficial, but prescribe 8 of them mandatory at birth, it's getting chemicals in the baby's body, and conditioning it for a lifetime with full of chemicals .


In addition, some vaccines are ineffective, so this just serves to incorporate chemicals into the child and in a way put him blinders to infect his pure soul and preventing him from seeing the hardness world.


After a shot against pertussis that was given a couple days ago; my child had a large reaction. It's look like an infection but it isn't. It's that aluminium who was responsible. It use as an adjuvant to irritate the tissue to get good blood flow to the area so the vaccine works, it might be irritating just comes in and creates this huge response trying to deal with this foreign substance. In this case it's aluminium and has spread from the size of a baseball to the size of a softball overnight.


11 vaccines are mandatory in less than 2 years for children, knowing that many are not necessar.


Half of the doctors believe that the use of vaccines is influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, and the consumer society that push us to do something without really wanting it.


43% of pediatrician are uncomfortable talking about vaccines with families because they do not have 100% confidence in itselves.


Part of the aluminum stays at the injection site to create an immune response, the other part goes into the body, brain, kidneys and bones → studies have proven that in animals.

Studies on aluminum by ANSES have shown that the toxic effects of aluminum mainly concern the central nervous system and the bone tissue because it accumulates, during chronic exposure. Babies are therefore exposed to the toxic from the birth, which is unacceptable.

Moreover, aluminum is responsible for autism and multiple sclerosis, it is neurotoxic and triggers autoimmune reactions in a small part of the genetically predisposed population


Vaccination increases the risk of sudden death in infants, indeed there are observations, scientific facts, facts observed by the parents that sudden infant death occurred after vaccination.


Our health and our children health are held hostage by the government, and therefore we no longer have free will, since a sentence of 6 months in prison and a fine of 3,750 euros punishes people who think differently.


What is the risk or likelihood that the child will contract the disease?

How safe is the vaccine?

Is immunity provided by the vaccine widely proven and sustainable?

Will the vaccine stimulate the appropriate parts of the immune system? Is the route of administration of the vaccine compatible with the pathway of natural infection?

Is there a way to protect the child from possible side effects when administering a vaccine?



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