I always try to remember about my dreams. Every morning, the first thing that I do, it is thinking of last night’s dreams. Sometimes it is hard to remember it. I can spend a lot of time identifying some peculiars things that may help to my memory in catching the whole picture of them. Some days I just stay with the sensation of some landscapes, actions, or feeling without being one hundred percent sure of it. Some lucky days, I held them. Today was that lucky day, and OMG this dream was a really good one.   This dream was a complex one, a lot of symbolism, almost like a hurricane of feelings and sensations. The first thing that I remembered it’s my childhood house. My father was there, and I was getting into the house. The Livingroom was exactly as reality; however, the house became bigger and bigger everything that I walked through it. My old bedroom was huge, with a lot of windows and light. Beautiful. My real parent’s house is a tiny apartment located in a condominium, but this house was huge and beautiful a three-floor house!!! I walked out of the house to socialize a little bit with neighbors, and suddenly starts raining. I decided to walk into the house until the rain stops. Then I went to my bedroom, I saw my friend sitting on my bed and because I want to have some refreshing air in my room, I decided to open the windows. Well, not a good idea! Almost like the ocean was getting into the house. A mole of water came and destroyed the house. Quickly as I could, I took a canoe.  My friends and my whole family survived because of the canoe. From distance I saw the building of my parents bending down to one side and then, it submerged into the water. There was more, but it is too long to describe it. I have a lot of interpretation about this. Yeah, I know it sounds like disappointing and scaring, but more than a bad premonition, it reflects what is happening with my life right now.  A lot of old ideas and social expectations are changing in order to become who I am. Not too scary now, eh? Thank you for reading and correcting this. 

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