Furisode is sewed such as flower, bird and landscape by skills of Tegaki Yuuzen. Furthermore, add to sprinkle gold and embroidery in order to care about their spirits. One of the reason why furisode is worn by maiden comes from sex establishment of dancer in the early Edo era. When the dancers shake her sleeve, this means to show affection to men or when they grab her sleeve, this means to show pity, and these actions come to be stylish among maidens, that’s why the culture is established that furisode is for mandens. Furisode has effectiveness to keep away from evil and cleanse from action to shake sleeves. Furisode is worn in wedding party and coming of age ceremony because they have to cleanse at turning point. In summary, Japanese think that furisode has an effect on both to keep away from evil and to attract good fortune. 


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