It's better to live in a house or in an apartment?

Whenever I have to decide about some issue I like to write down the advantages and disatvantages of it. When I finish writing down all of it, I crumple up the sheet of paper and go for the first idea came to my mind.

A house is usually a independent structure while some apartments share a building. That's the main difference between them so the rest of the differences are the result of it.

A house provides more freedom as it's detached from the neighbours which allows you to build whatever you desire: in my mind a house has a garden with a fence in the exterior entry and a hedge planted round the garden. This line of bushes is crucial because it gives privacy and some work to do on sunday's morning.  When I have kids, this hedge will be the walls of their castle, I'm not having kids in an apartment in the middle of a city. 

Apartments are stuck together. You share the same building with other people, and so their problems, their parties and their taste of music. Apartments are usually in cities where you have to pay a lot for a little livingspace where there is not a garden, nor a hedge other than the thin walls. If I grew up in an apartment, I would rather not see the bad side of living with another 100 people in the same 100 square meters. However, the fact that I lived in a detached house for 20 years makes impossible to me to see the good side of aparments. 



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