Dear Priscilla

How are you? I hope that you are fine.

Last week, I read a great book and I would like to recommend it you.

It name is "Around the world in eighty days" of Jules Verne. It has 250 pages.

The novel is about a world trip in XIX century, so it is a adventure book. The main character is Fileas Fog, an english millonaire.

The story begin when Fileas bet with his friends who he can travel around the world in only eighty days. If he don't get it, he will lost her fortune.

On a trip, it happends a lot of adventures and dangerous things. Mr. Fog Meet another characters like Auda, a beautiful and intelligent indian women, etc.

I think that It is a amazing book. I like very much because I learn about another cultures and XIX century. I love trips stories.

I would love that you be able to read it, too.



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