My first day of university (ORIENTATION DAY)

Assalamoalaikum everyone ! my name is Mariam and i'm new here. Actually i'm using this website for the first time so i request you all to pardon me if i made any sort of mistake because i won't be doing that delebrately. so here we go.


It was really an amazing and wonderful experience to be the part of NEDUET orientation. Everything was really really intresting to me because i have never seen such an intresting event in my school or college life. so now i am going to tell you every single thing from my Orientation which was also my 1st day of university life.

Ther was a huge tent outside the main auditorium, near the Mechanical Engineering department. Inside the tent there was large number of stalls of different socities like Green Society, TNF Society, NSA Society etc. All the candidates were waiting in the carnival tent including me and we all were quit excited waiting for our orientation which was about to start at 8:00 am. After a couple of hours the guards of the the university asked all the students to arrange them in form of a que so all the students did as per directed. After that the guards allowed 3 to 4 students to enter the auditorium hall after checking their  admission slip and fee voucher, after few minutes my turn came and guard called me along  with my slips to check and allowed me to enter the hall as soon as i entered the hall there was big screen pn the stage which was to show us the short introduction film of university, infroming us about all the professors and the facilities provided by the university and the dress code etc. After that film we were allowed to visit our respective departments and labs along with our class advisor, we went to our class, labs and then we were free to go anywhere we desired, like visiting the carnival tent and stalls etc, so i called my friend to join me then we visited almost all the stalls and there were also a number of photographers who took our shots, they took plenty of our shots then we went to the canteen to charge ourselves and then left for home. All in all this was really a wonderfull experience.

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