Pros and cons of using new technologies - B2 essay simulation

At a first look , it could be easy to see how our civilization has been evolved over these years thanks  to technology : now we live in the city ( and even more peolple are moving into urbanization ) , a full equipped place where you can find everything you have been looking for as shops , cinema , workshops , (especially ) shopping malls , ect. ;  moreover , each of us has his own phone , a reliable object that contains our personal data , our relationships , our friends and lovers . I would like to stop to think about mobile phone , the new millenium’s emblem , trying to figure it out what came into the play due to this small , vitality , item. If one hand , no doubt about being a useful object , able to simplify your life , to connect with other people all over the world ( and even to save your life just because it allows you to communicate ,for example ,with a medicine man ) , on the other hand , the mobile phone has complitely changed our life , even in a negative way . What I mean it’s that we can live no more without it , as we are slave , and even more , some of use don’t look any more at others’ faces , because they are engaged in texting ! What we have to do , in my opinion , it’s to separate the real life from the virtual one , seeing people eye-to eye , instead of by a monitor , creating real feeling , instead of instagram likes .

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