Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony compounds a lot of culture included to drink Maccha.

Namely, the tea ceremony is composite arts such as the space as for a residence involved tea room and yard, the craft as to choose or to appreciate tools for tea, the food as for Japanese cuisine or Japanese snack, the manner as for guests generously.

Moreover, the tea ceremony created a mental culture what we call Wabi and Sabi related Zen deeply. Wabi and sabi stand for Wabishii and Sabishii, then these words mean lessons to admit the condition our unsatisfaction and to take action modestly. In tea ceremony, it’s they think a great deal of spirits and calm down by focusing on stiring tea in the quiet space as tea room. The action bring them to enhance spirits.

There is a word Ichigo Ichiei in tea ceremony. This means that you must think that this meeting is just once and do your best for people. Tea ceremony is important to stir tea thinking about these spirits.






「わび・さび」とは、わびしい、さびしい、という満たされない状態を認め、慎み深く行動することを言います。 茶道においては、この「わび・さび」の精神を大切にし、茶室という静かな空間で茶をたてることに集中することで心を落ち着かせます。その事によって自分自身を見直し、精神を高めます。



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