Who'd like to practise German with me?

I am 25 years old, I work in the IT field. I am very interested in learning and practicing the German language. It is also important for me to practice this language using English. The need for this arose when I started working in an IT company with international relations. Due to the frequent communication with customers from all over the world, the question of languages ​​has become extremely acute. At the moment, I am developing an application for learning a language and many of the nuances I need to work out with native speakers.

практика языка

Доброе время суток!

я заинтересован в изучении английского языка, мне необходима практика с носителями из разных стран чтобы понимать акценты, завести новых друзей, разговаривать на разные темы !

со своей стороны помогу в разговорном русском языке. поддержу беседу! 

Буду рад ответить всем!

Mes résolutions du nouvel an.

Dans quelque heurs il y a le nouvel an. Il est temps pour faire les résolutions. Je planifie de faire plus de langue etranger comme la français, anglais et polognais. J'ai le different nouveau en chaque langue. Je veux plus parler en ces langues.

Je suis fatigue en soirée mais il faux passe une demi heure pour pratique la langue français. Le mixxer est une bonne place pour ça? Il y a les autre plases pour chercher quelqu'uns qui veut pratique la langue français. 

Learning / practicing languages other than English.

-I  think this site  is  dedicated for  English  learners.  I hardly  find  any learners  of other languages.  I wonder  what  could  be the reason.  Other languages are  equally  important.  Many  language learners definitely must  be thinking  of  improving them  i.e.  Spanish, French and Hindi (Indian language).  Whether  Mixxer  has any  plan  to incorporate  these  languages  in future ? It would  help them in different  ways, isn't ?







・テキストチャットokなかた 若い外国人や日本人両方と話すのがokのかた



In your profile, state your level

Hello, all,  I have met very interesting people through Mixxer, and have a suggestion:  in your profile, it would be helpful if you stated your language level accurately rather than being modest about it.  Generally I do like modesty in people, but it can be a little misleading on this platform.  Cheers, Scott L.