Red wine

I drank white wine for the first time in my life about ten years ago.Give my impressions of it. Then I thought  white wine is taste bad. I thought I would never drink wine ever. Whereas I had event that led to drink red wine lately. Then I thought it is delicious. After that , I have started drink red wine.


About Me

So hi everyone,


I just started learning French this semester in college, currently only a week in and my final exam for the class is to have a conversation with someone who speak French and record me speaking to the person, figured I would be upfront on that.

I'm studying to go into medical school to become a doctor. I have a pet cat, his name is Mittens (I'll add a picture of him later maybe).


" Sometimes it's take almost loosing what we have to make Us realize how lucky we are to have it."



我叫汪百灵。我是英语老师,也是中文学生。我正在找中国的 language partners。我觉得中文很重要的语言,所以好好学习。



Foreign tourists

Foreign tourists who are parents and children asked me the way at Tokyo Japan. Mother passed off a map of Tokyo to me. 

Name of building was wrong on the map. There was nothing. No way. Becouse I could not tell them which way to go.


東京で両親とお子さんの外国人観光客から道を聞かれた。 お母さんのほうが私に地図を手渡した。ところが、地図に載っている建物の名前が間違えていた。そんな建物はないのだ。なので私は道を案内することが出来なかった。

A bit about me

I'm an American EFL teacher (English As a Foreign Language). I live in the Midwest, so you might find my accent to be an easy one to pick up. At least, that's what they say about the Midwestern accent. It's sort of the American standard, I guess. I can also do a pretty good New Yorker, lol. So yea, I've been teaching English conversation for a number of years, so I'm pretty good at using conversations to teach English. I'm looking to improve my Israeli at the moment. I'm hoping to find a conversation partner who has some time to spare these days of the bidud. 

Escena laboral en una planta

  Hoy es un día muy importante para mí, porque a un proceso a mi cargo vienen a auditar directivos de la empresa.Me late el corazón tan rápido que casi quiero vomitar pensando cagarla con ellos. me hablo ¡Anímate, venga!

 Ya se ven ellos acercandose a distancia con caras serias. Especialmente se resalta un señor alto con lentes quien nunca se ha dejado ver su cara de sonrisa. ya todo el mundo está enterado de que muchos compañeros se fueron del trabajo por provocarle su mal humor.

The Mixxer を初めて使い



  • 私は日本に住まなければ、日本語でペラペラ話せません (大学で会話の授業は・・・マアマアです。シャドーイングしかしません)
  • 日本語で話せないと、いい仕事を見付けにくいです *困ってる*

ですから、「会話の練習」を調べて、このテーキムのウェブページが勧めたプラットフォームを見つけました。今はもう午後9時半なので、もしかして明日試して、新しいポストを書いて、インドネシア語が話したい日本人の友人に依頼を届けます。おやすみなさい~ 眠いんですよ。


きょうはデパートでかいました。まいしゅうかいます。 パンとトマトとにくとやさいとたまごをかいました。ときどきおさけをかいます。