Help me

Hola, I'm learning English and Spanish, can anyone help me? :) well, we just have to talk and be friends, that's how I learn languages, I'm not smart but I'm a curious person, if you would like to talk about some serious topics, I might need to do some research first before saying things. It might be cliche to say hi, asking how's your day going on, what are you doing, have you had eaten your meal, etc. but i love this conversation hehe, this is how I make friends with people: sharing stories about our days, what do we like and don't like and so on.

I understand five languages, but I cannot write or speak any of them.

Do you know what is like knowing 5 languages but can't barely speak and write  any of this languages. Well I know. I understand Turkish, German, English, Russian and Kyrgyz (my native language). But I can't use any of them. I can watch videos, TV shows but i can't speak and write and I hate it. I appreciate that I learn more about different cultures, peoples but how I can use it? Why I am like this. I'm too lazy and this is why I don't want to learn grammar for improve my writing. I am too shy to talk with people. What can I do?

a god-tree

In China, a long time ago, there was a very big tree. It was so big that people
believed that it was a god taking the form of a tree. One day, a carpenter passed
by this region and heard the rumor of the tree. He came to it and saw it, and thought "This is a useless tree. It's too big to make anything."

Traditional or simplified?

I've been studying mandarin Chinese (simplified) for a while now, but I'm really interested in learning traditional Chinese.
Unfortunately has it not only been very difficult to find any (good) resources to study traditional Chinese, I also get people telling me I shouldn't be studying traditional Chinese to begin with because its not used anywhere outside of Taiwan.
I'd like to hear other people's opinion on this matter. 

Los sucesos interesantes y graciosos cuando estudias un idioma

-Bueno voy a tratar de presentarme porque soy nueva en este lugar y no se nada como usar esta aplicación .

Hola ! My name is Elizabeth and I would like to improve my English. I'm from Peru also i would like to teach and show some places of my country. Nice to meet you .