correcter french

Bonjour ,  je m´appele Xiana , j´ai besoin quelqu´un puisse me corriger textes de 70 mots en français , je dois passer un examen au mois de Septembre , 


Mercie Beaucoup 


Hokke and Shochu


Today we went to Japanese Restaurant named 'Yayoi-ken'. Here is free of white rice. Free!

I ordered a fish set and a raw egg. The fish is atka mackerel, called 'Hokke' in Japan. For the second cup of rice, raw egg and soy sauce is served over it.  I feel very happy with two cups of rice.

Domino Pizza

domino pizza

I apologize that my first blog is not about Japanese food. Today's our lunch are Domino Pizza because we felt like eating them. 

We always have pizza delivered. But now, If ordering two pizzas to take-away, one pizza is free on Domino Pizza in Japan. Free!

We have ordered two pizzas and I went to get them in the rain. We will also eat them tomorrow morning...

Mock of essay. Could anyone give me a hand with this writing. I have an English exam and need some help

The local goverment has received a grant from Europe to invest in the improvement of the city. Recent polls, contrary to general believe shows that the local people are fond of practice sports rather than other activities such as walking outdoor, cultural activities.