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Hola! Hoy, quiero tratar para aprender espanol. Ahora, es 11 por la noche y estoy cansada. Necesito dormir. Chao! 

Looking for (Chinese&English)language-exchanges partner

To all English speaking people willing to learn we all know. with the development of world economy,English as well as Chinese is becoming more and more important in national life.As for our teenagers,we are usually request to study not only our mother tongue well but also a second language .



Hello I'm Colombia

Hello everybody my name is JESUS I want to practice my English Of course I can help you with your Spanish I would like to.learn to speak another languages let me know about my offer thanks have a good day


I live in Nagano in Japan.

Nagano is in the center part of Japan.

There are many mountains and beautiful nature.

It is the cold area in Japan, and there are much snow in winter.

It is comfortble in summer. 

The photo of Amsterdam

The day before yesterday, my husband left for the Netherlands on business, and arrived there today. He sent me this photo, Amsterdam Central Station. It seems like it is fine day today. Cheese and stroopwafel sound delicious from the Netherlands, so I asked him to buy some :)