What is the ideal temperature to sleep?

How many times are you asking what is the ideal temperature to sleep well, as a child.

bebe durmiendo

I’m going to be honest. I never did it. But the truth is that the climate where I live is very similar along the year. However, I have my fist baby and I stared to worry about that.

The first advice that my pediatric said is that I need to be more aware of my sensations. If I feel warm or cold, he would feel the same.

Then I found this interesting article about “como dormir a un bebé”, and I started to implement those techniques. I really recommend it to you. It is important to know that it is in Spanish.

Then I understand that the ideal temperature is between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius.

I really enjoy practicing my English, while I wrote this text. Hope you enjoy as well and please let me know all the mistakes hahaha.

See you!

Te ayudo en portugués y tú me salvas en español

Hola, soy Adriana. Estudio español y soy brasileña. Si quieres, puedo ayudarte con el portugues y tu me ayudas con el español! ¿Que te parece?

Estoy en grande apuros con mi curso, mi profesora és muy exigente y tengo dificuldad en hablar en pasado, presente.

Además, cometo muchos errores con los pronombres. Solamente quiero hablar, sin preocuparme, conozcer nuevas personas, pero ella (mi profesora) no me compreende. 

¡Ayuda me!




Há alguma coisa por aqui?


Quando abrimos um perfil aqui no Mixxer, sempre tem o botão do Blog, mesmo quando a pessoa não escreveu nada (é a grande maioria dos casos, ao que me parece).

Assim, quero apenas desejar, do fundo do coração, que Deus te abençoe!, muito, muito, muito!

Um abraço

do seu amigo Antoine

Patada…patada… ¡La de Di María que consagró a Argentina campeón de la Copa América 2021!


El ejemplo del título es suficiente para que se comprenda el significado de la palabra, claro que también se dan patadas con otros motivos e inclusive muchos animales lo hacen.

Pero, vayamos al origen de este sustantivo; deriva de otro: pata. Esta última palabra tiene varios significados; el formal se refiere a las extremidades de los animales, sin que se haga diferencia, como en los humanos, entre pie y pierna; también algunos muebles y otros objetos tienen patas.

La forma coloquial de ese sustantivo tiene varios significados, pero me quiero detener en uno:  “andar a pata”  sinónimo de andar descalzo, así como de caminar. Y acá me remonto a 500 años atrás, cuando Magallanes dio la primera vuelta al mundo. Durante el invierno los barcos llegaron al sur del continente americano, donde la tripulación permaneció dos meses. Allí vieron aborígenes muy altos, cuya estatura, realmente mayor que la de los españoles, se incrementó en base a relatos fantásticos de esos viajeros, probablemente impresionados por lo desconocido.

Se cuenta que en esa oportunidad, los navegantes vieron en la nieve rastros humanos gigantes, por lo que a sus poseedores los llamaron “patagones”, como superlativo de pata. Se dice que así nació la palabra Patagonia, nombre que recibe la zona sur de Argentina y Chile. Años después se comprobó que ese tipo de huellas se producían porque los aborígenes envolvían sus pies con cueros, incrementando de ese modo el tamaño de sus extremidades.

Por supuesto, existen otras teorías sobre el origen de la palabra Patagonia, pero la relatada me pareció el reflejo de la admiración que esos nativos muy altos despertaron en los navegantes.

An Amazing Day!

- Today is a amazing day! because the temperature is at 21ºC, its a sunny day and i go with my family at the country day, at the one place called "Busbanza", its a little town, its the most little of Colombia, and is so beautiful, we are to lunch in this here, and also and we will take my dog Tobias. im really happy!

Created to Create

We create because we are created.  In creativity we experience some of the joy of the creator.  Truth is absolute, but each individual experiences the truth and the world around them in a unique and individual way.   I paint plein air, outdoors, because I am inspired by the creation and love to capture a moment in time with a painting that gives a unique and individual impression of that fleeting moment, which those viewing my painting will in turn enjoy through their own unique and individual eye and mind.   I approach life as an artist taking my life-time of experience to examine the puzzle facing me and pursuing a creative solution.  People ask, “how long did it take you to paint that painting?”  The honest answer “A lifetime.”

Tom Roberts – American artist THRoberts

Why I made account on The Mixxer. Living in Fear

Today is my first day on this website and I am so excited that finally, I have got a website that is free and where I can talk to native speaker. But the real question is why today?

Actually, I have applied for some jobs on an online platform and today I got a call from their HR.

She said that you have applied to XYZ company for the position of ABC. Are you still interested?

then I said yes ma'am (full of excitement that I am going to get my first job.)

she: then tell me about yourself.

suddenly I got stunned. and I hung up, switched off my cell phone.

why did I do that?


What is the language

For many people, language is the term we use to communicate with one another.When they try to learn a new language, they translate the words and hope they will get understood. Personally, language, for me, is way behind that. Language is not just words, it is also the way we use those words, the expression, the intonation, a way of thinking. 

When we talk to a child, we use specific words so he can understand what we say. If we talk with friends, we also use words that both of us understand and if we speak with colleagues, we also use different words. Speaking another language is not different. Of course, at the beginning, you won't have so many words in common with the person, but with time you learn how they say things, the way they express themselves when they are happy, angry or sad. 

Learning a language is not just learning words, you have to learn their culture, the way they think, the way they express themselves, the way they see things. 

Like all languages, written language and spoken language are not the same. When we write something, the person is not in front of you, so they can see you and read your body language. You must be more specific, detailing your idea so that it is not misunderstood. And most important, you do not have the other person's reaction immediately, so you do know when something is not clear or confusing. 

I'm not very good at English, but I'd appreciate it if you could assist me; I'm sure it could be the start of a wonderful friendship.


Mi sueño es estar una científica de la ecología tropical. Me encantan los plantes y también, me encanta estudiar el medio ambiente. Mi climas favorita es aquellos que tienen calor y los que están húmedas.