In many countries today young people are forced to get a job which they are mot suited to or passionate about.

In many countries today young people are forced to get a job which they are not suited to or passionate about.

What do you think may be the reason for this?

What problems might this cause?

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Nowadays, getting a job after graduating high school or college is quite common.



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I just installed Skype today.

I just installed Skype on my smartphone today. Actually, since I don’t have a headset, I decided to use my smartphone, not my computer.By the way, have you ever heard of LINE? LINE is an App like WhatsApp. Most Japanese people are using LINE, not WhatsApp. I think LINE is more fun than WhatsApp, because you can use many fun stickers on LINE. If you wanted to chat with Japanese people, it might be good for you to use LINE:)



Aprendiendo un idioma

Aprendo español y últimamente pienso en la importancia de escribir.  Por mucho que estudie la lengua aún no la domino, sobre todo cuando hablamos del hablar.  Antes pensaba si pudiera pasar mucho tiempo escuchándola, de manera natural me pondría a usar todas las palabras y frases que habia escuchado. Ojalá fuera tan sencilla, si hubiera pasado todo este tiempo escribiendo y hablando en vez escuchando de forma pasiva, hablaría mucho mejor.