Ecuador the place where I was born

galapagos Island

It was 2 years ago, I wanted to write my bachelor work about Tourism in Galapagos Island vs Ibiza Island (where i live), I tried to do my practicum there to enrich my knowlege about the subject I had chosen but I only had 2 months to spend in Ecuador, then I decided travel as tourist and enjoy it.

At the end I had a good mark and graduated  in time.

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¿Por qué me cuesta tanto aprender un idioma?

He hecho cuentas y doy con el resultado de que, llevo ocho años interesada en el idioma inglés. Ocho años que empecé mis estudios (cabe recalcar que no he sido constante y no siempre le puse mi 100%) y poco a poco me he ido sumergiendo, pero no en el nivel que me gustaría estar. Quisiera poder leer un libro y comprenderlo todo, quisiera comprar una versión en inglés de "20 mil leguas de viaje submarino" y chutarmelo de inicio a fin.

Some translations to English.

Bella ciao

Alla mattina, appena alzata,

o bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao

Alla mattina, appena alzata,

in risaia mi tocca andar.

E tra gli insetti e le zanzare,

duro lavoro ci tocca far.

O mamma mia, oh che tormento,

è così ogni doman.

Il capo in piedi, col suo bastone,

e noi curve a lavorar.

Ma verrà un giorno, che tutte quante

lavoreremo in libertà.



Bye, beautiful lady