Created to Create

We create because we are created.  In creativity we experience some of the joy of the creator.  Truth is absolute, but each individual experiences the truth and the world around them in a unique and individual way.   I paint plein air, outdoors, because I am inspired by the creation and love to capture a moment in time with a painting that gives a unique and individual impression of that fleeting moment, which those viewing my painting will in turn enjoy through their own unique and individual eye and mind.

Why I made account on The Mixxer. Living in Fear

Today is my first day on this website and I am so excited that finally, I have got a website that is free and where I can talk to native speaker. But the real question is why today?

Actually, I have applied for some jobs on an online platform and today I got a call from their HR.

She said that you have applied to XYZ company for the position of ABC. Are you still interested?

then I said yes ma'am (full of excitement that I am going to get my first job.)

she: then tell me about yourself.

suddenly I got stunned. and I hung up, switched off my cell phone.

What is the language

For many people, language is the term we use to communicate with one another.When they try to learn a new language, they translate the words and hope they will get understood. Personally, language, for me, is way behind that. Language is not just words, it is also the way we use those words, the expression, the intonation, a way of thinking. 


Mi sueño es estar una científica de la ecología tropical. Me encantan los plantes y también, me encanta estudiar el medio ambiente. Mi climas favorita es aquellos que tienen calor y los que están húmedas.

I don't know how to do

I don't know how to do.
I try multiple times, all fail,
I am lost, helps me if you can.
I can not forget her, 
I can not see another lady without seeing her behind
I don't know, maybe she will change her mindset. 
And Say yes even though I know it is quite impossible.
I know it but I am not able to get her out of my heart
I am lost, it's hit my heart.
What should I do?

By Ray Green Washington.

Bens Tag

Am Morgen, joggt Ben. Dann duscht er. Wahrend frühstückt er, er liest die Nachrichten. Dann er gehe zu seinem Arbeit-Platz. Er arbeitet für wenig Zeit, dann er gehe nach die Kantine. In die Kantine trifft er Julia. Dann geht er ins Cafe und seht Julia wieder.


Hola gente de Mixxer! Alguien sería tan amable de ayudarme a buscar y traducir información en japonés. Estoy investigando sobre una artista japonesa y no aparece suficiente información, por lo que al buscarlo en otro idioma seguro me dará mayor número de resultados.

Hello Mixxer folks! Someone would be so kind to help me to find and translate information in Japanese. I am researching a Japanese artist and not enough information appears, so searching for it in another language will surely give me a greater number of results.

Interest to meet people and understand different cultures.

-People find themselves in positions to travel, meet people and enjoy other cultures.  Studying languages open doors to opportunity.  Normally I teach English to different Asian countries, including China.  The virus has kept me home this year.  I encourage friends to study a foreign language.  The world is becoming more sociable close and interesting.  I instruct my American friends not to depend on using English solely when they travel.  They should take the time and interest to learn the language of the country they are visiting. Best to all.       

Hi everyone! 皆さん, おはようございます!

- Hi everyone, I am new here. It is nice to meet you all! I am a coplete beginner in Japanese, but I would love to learn it as I really want to understand it, as well as be able to speak it. My native language is Russian, and I am fluent in English, as I have been living and studying in the UK for a long time. 

I am not sure if I can talk with anyone yet, because I know very fe words and phrases in Japanese... So maybe we could start by texting?